Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Bedroom, Aug. 13, 2014

So okay, I’m a huge Marvel aficionado and I’m sure fanboys will castrate me for this but here goes.. GotG is not worth the free tickets we watched it with!

First gripe, while I honestly believe that Chris Pratt is genuinely hilarious, the number of laughs on this film is few and far in between. My one conservative chuckle was only limited to the Kevin Bacon reference.

Second, each principal character’s life story is condensed into 1 or 2 spoken sentences and inserted so incongruently with the present story arc it ultimately left any smart viewer detached instead of empathetic toward the character. Apart from Starlord’s past, no other character background was brought to the screen. My 2-cent’s worth: best stick to the classic flashback montage.

Third, CGI is top notch as per usual Marvel fanfare – although we watched it on old-school 2D only – but a little less creative with the aliens, which apparently only comes in 3 1/2 skin colors: red, blue, green & ambiguous gray?!

True. I may not have enough GotG background as a solid basis for this review but I’ve always held a higher standard for movies, especially Marvel films ever since Iron Man, which was all too lovingly re-affirmed with Avengers.

Oh, but I do think this movie has one redeeming aspect to it: the awesome 80’s soundtrack!

Now, before I get banned for life from any Comic Con appearance in the future, please project your nerd-rage to the director of this empty shell of a box-office hit. He’s got money to burn and may issue a refund. Good luck!