The Musical of Life

Bedroom, Mandaue, Apr. 26, 2013


I wish my life was a Broadway musical.

It would start as spectacularly upbeat and full of promise. I meet my True Love and it would be rainbows and cupids every waking moment we’re together. We would declare our undying love for each other in a beautifully poignant ballad with our voices blending in perfect harmony.

Towards the middle, we’d go through the climactic tension when we shed copious amounts of tears amid the cruelty of a world trying its best to keep two lovers apart. Finally, we reach the inevitable ending where it could only go two ways: a glorious happy-ever-after or a heart-wrenching tragedy.

After the big finish, the curtains close and the actors go out on stage to make their gracious bows. The suffering ends.

Sadly, in real life, the pain goes on and on. Some days, it fades to a dull ache. While on others, it feels like your heart and soul is being ripped apart over and over again in an endless loop.

In musicals, the guy always strive to win the girl back, against all odds. In reality, boys lose interest over time. The rose-colored glasses come off and you will see your beloved as someone who is as flawed as everyone else.

Beauty is fleeting. Those traits you’ve previously thought were endearing annoys you to no end. You realize you’ve suddenly stopped whispering sweet nothings to his ear and only scathing criticisms tumble out of your month day in and day out.

On stage, lovers would sing their reprise and re-affirm their love before reuniting in a sweet, sweet embrace. In life, there are no do-overs. Tears cannot be wiped with kisses. No lingering hugs can cut through unspoken words. Sometimes, regrets stay with you your whole life.

If my life were a musical, would my beloved shout my name into the heavens? Will I burst out in song over every emotion? When will I find my destiny? Where is my happy ending?